Producing power with clean-burning natural gas is an important part of our energy mix, supplying the power needs of thousands of PNM customers, businesses and institutions

In addition to being cleaner burning than coal, natural gas produces only half of the carbon emissions that coal does. Further, New Mexico has abundant supplies of natural gas located in the northwest and southeast corners of the state.

Natural gas is extremely reliable and helps maintain the state’s overall low cost of energy. It is an essential part of the puzzle for ensuring our customers have power when they need it the most, such as hot summer afternoons. Currently, PNM operates seven natural gas facilities in New Mexico, which support hundreds of jobs throughout our state.

Stat: Roughly 27 percent of our nation’s electricity comes from natural gas.


What Does It Cost?

With natural gas, PNM can produce a kilowatt-hour of electricity for about eight cents. Natural gas is abundant in New Mexico, and gas generation is very reliable, with plants available about 85 percent of the time.

5 Key Facts About Natural Gas Generation

  1. Natural gas burns cleaner than coal and produces half of the carbon emissions compared to coal.
  2. Natural gas is lighter than air.
  3. Natural gas is abundant in New Mexico.
  4. It’s reliable for generating electricity.
  5. Natural gas can produce electricity 24/7 and be brought online quickly.