PNM continuously  invests in  New Mexico, and in you!

We do this by building and maintaining a reliable and sustainable grid, investing in our communities and helping you, our customers, reduce your electricity consumption and lower your bill.

Value of New Mexico’s Electricity System

Our customers rightly expect electricity to be there when they need it, which means the electric network – poles, wires, transformers and other investments – must be in place and well maintained. For PNM, the value of our system is close to $1.5 billion. The demands on the system grow as the state’s population and economy expand. Regardless of how we generate power, or how much is consumed, a reliable system is essential to our quality of life.

One challenge for electric utility systems is integrating renewable resources into the power supply. Sun and wind are intermittent, and the system must be flexible and able to maintain a consistent level of power to answer customer needs. One example is rooftop solar systems. The homeowners benefit by producing their own power and selling any excess power at a higher rate. They use the electrical infrastructure to sell their excess power back at a profit, but the homeowners contribute little or nothing to maintain fixed costs, which are absorbed by other customers.

PNM's Eric Morgan

Maintaining and financing power companies’ electrical systems is a national issue. Energy efficiency measures and rooftop solar installations are reducing the use of electricity, but the costs to maintain the systems remain the same. If these costs aren’t covered, the result could be a less reliable system, which is a critical concern for the nation, our state, and you. Imagine not knowing when the power will be on or off. Would you want to live there or locate a business where there is unreliable power? Just imagine how your quality of life would be affected. PNM is among the top utilities in the nation for reliability, and we want to keep it that way for you.

PNM strongly believes that customers should pay only for the services and value they receive from electricity and the systems that generate and deliver it. The company is asking state regulators to approve changes to how electricity is priced to ensure equity and long-term reliability.

Value of NM's Electricity System


PNM’s Electricity System by the Numbers:

  • 3,189: Miles of transmission lines, move electricity from power plants to communities
  • 11,149: Miles of distribution lines and poles, which distribute power to homes and businesses
  • 276: Neighborhood substations, where power moves from transmission to distribution lines
  • $1.5 Billion: Value of PNM’s electricity system in New Mexico
  • $509 Million: PNM total capital investment estimated for 2014
  • $558 Million: PNM total capital investment estimated for 2015